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Conversational AI for Insurance Agents!

Imagine having a full-time sales team monitoring multiple channels of Communication and immediately engaging with your Prospects and existing Clients. Yes, AI is amazing and makes you look really efficient, but it’s not about the AI Tech, it’s about the conversation.

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What Can AI Assistants Do For You?

  • Appointment Booking Bot

  • Customer Service Bot

  • FAQ – Informational Bot

  • Automated AI Receptionist

Artificial Intelligence Based Robots also known as “AI Assistants” or “AI Bots” are already trained for the Insurance Industry.

They are trained to explain products, overcome objections, and book appointments right onto your calendar.

If they get stuck or the Prospect wants to chat directly with the Agent, you will be notified immediately.

How Can AI Respond To Real People?

# Understand

Analyze your conversational data to uncover what your customers want, feel, and need to drive to determine next steps.

Keep measuring, learning, and improving.

# Assist

Use AI to qualify Leads and then have them automatically schedule appointments on your Calendar based on your availability.

You can use Agent Suite or even a Calendly Calendar.

# Automate

Analyze your conversational data to uncover what your customers want, feel, and need to drive to determine next steps.

Keep measuring, learning, and improving.

Speed To Lead Really Makes A Difference!

Harvard Business Review Study Cited that companies that respond to customers within the first hour of contact are Seven Times Likelier to Convert to sales. Yes, 7X more likely!

Call More Leads

Engage More Clients

Close More Sales

Learn How Our AI-Powered Sales & Marketing CRM Can Transform Your Insurance Business

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your CRM different than the others out there?

Our Founders have over 20 years in the Insurance Industry in addition to developing and Patenting Human/Machine technology platforms.  

Most CRM providers started out as Marketing Companies. Their goal was to sell essential services and lead generation tools to Insurance Agents.  

We started out as Insurance Agents and built a platform with the features and benefits that were needed, and we leverage these tools each week to write business. Our weekly training calls are not just about technology, but we are always focused on helping you connect with more prospects and help more families.  

How does the Agent Suite and Agent Pro Free Trial work?

We offer a 14-day free trial for the Agent Suite and Agent Pro plans. You can use the many features and benefits of the Platform and you will not be billed for your subscription until after the 14-day period. Once your subscription begins, you can cancel anytime and will not be billed for the next month. Although, we know you’re gonna love us!

What is the difference between Agent Suite and the Agent Pro Plan?

The Agent Pro plan is a must have for Team Builders. Our Professional and Enterprise plans allow you to easily Transfer Leads from your account to other Agents with the click of a button. Whether you’re transferring 1 lead or 100, you can easily select the leads to transfer and all Leads are tracked and noted in your account and in the receiving Agent’s account.

You also have the ability to Manage and view Call and Appointment reports for your team. The platform is designed to create a duplicatable system for Agents to produce $20,000+ per month. Regardless of which IMO you’re with, we will help you put consistent procedures in place and increase your team production. It's always easier to recruit when you have a duplicatable system.

Are there additional fees for using the Agent Suite Platform?

There are no additional fees for the use of our full-featured platform. You will be responsible for the cost of your dedicated phone numbers ($1.26/month for local number) and minimal SMS charges. An active agent writing $20,000 AP per month will usually spend around $20/month on average for usage.

All plans include AI Inbox using ChatGPT, how much are the fees?

We cover all ChatGPT charges for AI Inbox messaging. GoHighLevel charges 3 cents per request plus the usual text charges for their Conversational AI. With the Agent Suite you only pay for the Twilio standard text fees, and we cover all ChatGPT costs. The more us use the Conversational AI bots, the more $$$ you save each month with us.

I have used Appointment Setters before; how does this compare?

When using Appointment Setters you have to factor in; 1) Their hourly rate, 2) The phone charges for them to make each call, 3) The time it takes to document and disposition after each call, 4) Their days off for various reasons, and 5) Constantly training and re-training replacements.  

With the Agent Suite Voice AI program, we have done all of the training and set-up for you. Just refine your messaging anytime you want, and you have an infinitely scalable Appointment Setting Team that you control with the click of a button.

How can Agent Suite offer the Voice AI program at such a low price?

Our Founders are Insurance Agents first. They have innovated and refined this system over the years to help each Agent increase their Personal Production. There are so many Agents that can benefit from these tools, that we didn’t want price to be an obstacle.

Once the Early Adopter program is full, the retail price for future users will be moving to a rate where the Company will earn a fair profit margin. Many Agents are spending over $1,297 per week for Appointment Setters and will be able to reduce that to their monthly cost. At $1297 per month it is still a bargain and pays for itself within 1-2 Sales, and is a necessity to write $50k-$100k AP each month.

I am a Newly Licensed Insurance Agent; will this help me?

The Voice AI System will convert whatever Leads you have into Booked Appointments on your Calendar. This system is only recommended for Insurance Agents that are comfortable closing Insurance Sales In-Person or Virtually. If you are Newly Licensed and feel that you can close Sales, then we are here to provide a scalable system to build your Insurance Business.

How many leads can I run through this system?

All of your leads. If you are like many of our Beta Tester Agents, you could have literally 5,000 to 10,000 leads in your database. We’ll show you how to get the best results when having your AI Voice Assistants call1+ year-old leads. Please observe TCPA Compliance.

Do the Voice AI Assistants only work 8 hours per day?

No. You have a Voice AI Team that works 24/7. You can have your Voice AI assistant call new leads immediately or you can set calling hours. By default, if a lead comes in after 6:00 PM (Lead’s local time) we have the automated call set for the next morning. You can put your Voice AI assistants to work on Saturday and Sunday to book up your Monday and Tuesday Schedule.

If I don’t have a Lead program can I sign up?

Yes. We have partnered with one of the most coveted lead sources in the Insurance Industry and they are the Primary source for several 7-figure writing Agents and many 6-figure writing Agents. No matter what your Lead budget is, we’ll work with you to scale up your Insurance Business. We do recommend a Lead budget of no less than $500/month which should produce 40-50 Leads.

For the Enterprise Plan, how much do I have to pay today?

You only pay the $500 set-up fee today. The $297 is not charged for another 14 days. This ensures that our team will have the time to get your Voice AI System installed and customized for you. The Agent Pro plan features should be customized and working within 3-4 Business Days and our goal is to have the Voice AI up and running within 1-2 weeks.

Why is there a set-up fee only for the Enterprise plan?

We spend over $200 to provide the Customized set-up and launch of the Agent Suite and Agent Pro Plans. In addition to the Standard expenses our AI team has to spend a few days to Customize the Voice AI System just for you and your AI Account. This is a one-time fee that only covers a portion of the set-up, we absorb the rest of the cost for you.

Is there a Contract for the Voice AI Early Adopter Program?

Yes. To join in our Early Adopter program and receive the Lifetime Price-Lock, there is a 6-month commitment which allows us time to work with you and get the necessary feedback to optimize your Voice AI System and results. Retail pricing for future users is planned for $1,500 set-up fee, $1,297 per month and 17 cents per connected minute.

What other fees should I expect with Voice AI?

None. All of the Telecom, Bandwidth and ChatGPT fees are all included in our $150 monthly fee (above the Agent Pro Plan) and 12 cents per minute Voice AI fee.

Do you offer support?

Yes! We have a dedicated support team that is available to assist you with any questions 24/7. Support is available via Live Chat within the platform and if you need more detailed help, a support team member will hop on a Zoom call to quickly help you out 1-on-1.

Do I get training on how to use the system?

Yes! Plenty of hands-on training. You will have an initial onboarding call where an experienced support agent will walk you through the customization and set-up of your platform. This is a 1-on-1 Zoom Meeting which usually lasts an hour. After that, you should be ready to start using the platform immediately.   We also have a Quick Start Training course within the platform that will give you a video overview of all of the most used features. There are weekly training sessions to cover tips and tricks in addition to Insurance Specific training to increase production.   We also have an extensive knowledgebase and a context-based help guide built into the platform to help you to find quick answers. As stated previously, you always have chat support available 24/7.

What type of results should I expect with Voice AI?

Your results, as with Human Appointment Setters, will depend on the quality and timeliness of your leads. Leads that are generated or received same day, will always outperform other lead types. The fresher the Lead, the better the result, but having your AI Appointment Setters call 1,000 leads will not cost you any of your time. If they book 1, 2, or even 20 appointments for you, the ROI is excellent.

A Licensed Agent will almost always book more appointments than an Appointment Setter will, but most Agents didn't expect to be in a Telemarketing Role. The Voice AI Assistants have proven to outperform Offshore Appointment Setters at a fraction of the cost.

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