Manage Your Leads With A Single Click

No more dragging and dropping Opportunities or trying to remember which Pipeline they’re in, updating multiple fields after each call, and remembering to do all of this while adding Tags and keeping Client notes.

Eliminate the amount of time you spend managing contacts with the

How It Works

Step 1

Select Button By Line of Business

Whether you focus on Life Insurance, Medicare, or ACA and Supplemental Health Insurance, or a little of each, has you covered. Just select the button for the Line of Business for the Lead or Client, and you’ll be presented with custom options to easily update.

Step 2

Update Any Fields And Make Notes

When you’re on the phone with Leads or Clients, it’s important to focus on what they are saying and then document the contact record for future calls. We have automated this process by putting the primary update fields in an easy to use pop-up form. Just make any updates and click Submit.

Step 3

Automated Contact Management

Your CRM reports are only as accurate as the data input. Some of the most diligent Insurance Agents were getting inaccurate reports because there were too many items that needed to be updated in too many places after each call. We have solved the problem with the click of a button.

Dtata Integrity

Improve Data Integrity By Over 500%

  • Do you want accurate reports at your fingertips? Keep accurate track of Leads and where they are in your Sales Pipeline. Know exactly how much AP was written and which Carriers they were written with.

  • Help your downline Agents be more successful by knowing where they need the most help. It’s hard for new Agents to identify where they need to focus their energy. Having access to their accurate data real-time will allow you to help them succeed.

  • 8 out of 10 Agents don’t know how to correctly use the power of their Opportunity Kanban Board. We help Agents see where their revenue is stalled and provide the tools to help them increase their Weekly and Monthly policy count.

  • The Agent support team will work with Agency Managers to help them implement custom solutions to maximize productivity from each Agent.  

Track Business

Easily Track Your Book Of Business

  • Sometimes we look at Insurance Renewals annually, but in the fast-paced and lucrative Health Insurance Market, many Agents need to track their Book of Business each Month.

  • Easily run reports by Carrier to know if you are getting paid accurately each Month.

  • Run reports by Enrollment Date and even household size to easily track your multi-member households.

  • Client turnover happens, so when it does, you can automatically update the status of lost Clients or ones that have potential AOR issues.

Automated CRM

Workflows Created For And By Insurance Agents

  • The Easy Buttons were developed after several years of using this CRM to write Insurance Business.

  • Some Agents had a documented list of over 20 tasks to do after each call to ensure their CRM was up to date. We’ve incorporated all of those tasks and more into the Agent Suite Platform where you can benefit immediately from years of hard work.

  • Once you click Submit, the Agent Suite automations will make sure that tags are added or deleted, Leads are moved within pipeline stages, reminders are set if needed, and you can confidently move on to the next Contact.

  • Whether it is “Client Nurture Campaigns” or “No Answer Tracking”, we make it easy for you to understand what Automations happen automatically and you are always in control of what and when communication goes out to Leads and Clients.

See what our clients have to say

nothing comes close to the Agent Suite

I’ve used several other CRMs to manage my Insurance Business and nothing comes close to the Agent Suite. I’ve been a customer for 2 years and it keeps getting better and better

David C.

The Agent Suite paid for itself in the first week I had it!

The Agent Suite paid for itself in the first week I had it. They showed me how to use their pre-built automations and I have 6 appointments booked on the first day.

Tara W.

That was 9 months ago and I’ve referred 5 other agents!

I was trying to remember too much with my other CRM so I went back to dialing with my cell phone. Another Agent told me about Agent Suite and decided to do their free trial. That was 9 months ago and I’ve referred 5 other agents since then. This is amazing.

Charlene T.

I get so much more value for half price.

Really can’t believe you aren’t charging more but I appreciate it. I was paying over $300 per month with Phone Burner and now I get so much more value for half price. I use the system to distribute leads to my downline agents and help keep them moving.

Adam D.

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